Grow your Very Own Little Thyme Shrub!

Grow your Very Own Little Thyme Shrub!

Firstly, we would like to thank you for making a purchase from us. Now we want to give back. The booklet you have received is made from biodegradable plantable paper; immersed with thyme seeds, and designed to provide you with the only ingredients you need to create your very own herbal hair treatment.


Herbal Gardens are on a mission to support the environment through small changes to our beauty routines and the way we shop. By planting this card, you are on the route to healthy hair and helping the planet.

Benefits of Thyme for Skin and Hair.

Including herbs in beauty regimens has been an age-old tradition. Herbs are among the best and most natural remedies for any type of skin, hair or even inner health conditions. There are so many ways you can incorporate Thyme into your life and enjoy its endless benefits.


Your skin, hair and body will thank you for it!


Thyme can be steeped in water, infused in oil, or used to extract potent Thyme oil directly from the herb. Thyme has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties which is why its been used as a healing herb for many skin and hair issues such as acne, inflammation, fungus/bacteria overgrowth, itchiness, dandruff and hair thinning. It's also easy to find and inexpensive, making it easy to incorporate into your regular routine.


How to Grow your Very Own Little Thyme Shrub



Soak your card in water for 72 hours, then cover with a thin layer of well-composted soil. Plant inside in Spring or Summer in a warm, light place or directly outside when the soil is ready and keep the card moist until seeds have germinated. Look after your baby thyme buds and cut leaves from the top when needed, and enjoy!


How to Make your Own Thyme Hair Rinse

A hair rinse is a great way to help your hair get some nutrients and moisture without weighing it down. It helps leave hair shiny, tames frizz, increases elasticity, soothes irritation/itchiness, cleanses scalp, and reduces fallout and thinning. Combining a stimulating herbal hair rinse with a good massage can help increase hair growth. Thyme is an aromatic herb that is actually used in lots of unisex perfumes, so it'll leave your hair smelling beautiful too.


Let's get started!



Step 1 - Add a few sprigs of thyme into a pot of 2-3 cups of water


(Pro tip: Do a little bit of research into the benefits of other herbs, like rosemary, sage and horsetail, and add some sprigs of them too- everyone's hair is different so use what works best for you!)


Step 2 - Cover pot and bring to a boil.


Step 3 - Once it reaches a boil, lower heat, and let it simmer for 5 minutes.


Step 4 - Turn off heat, and let it cool down for a minimum of 1.5 hours. Letting it steep for longer can ensure more nutrients are being released into the rinse.


Step 5 - Strain the water.


(Optional; Add 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar for some added cleansing benefits.)


Step 5 Step 5 - Pour into an air-tight container or spray bottle and store in the refrigerator for a couple of days.


Now you have your own easy, and cheap to make, hair rinse; Time to use it!


How to use

You can use your hair rinse at the start of your shower before shampooing to clarify scalp, or at the end of your shower after shampooing and conditioning.


Pour the fluid gradually over your head and allow it to penetrate your roots by massaging into your scalp and through your hair. Allow it to sit for 20–30 minutes then use cool water to rinse it out.


Use your herbal hair rinse once per week.


You can also pour the mix into a spray bottle and use throughout the day as a cooling facial mist (see next section.)



Other Uses and Benefits of Thyme!

Thyme Face Mist


Herbal facial mists rehydrate and refresh the skin, and help combat excess oil buildup throughout the day. Fresh thyme is packed with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Using a Thyme face mist can promote healthy, radiant skin and combat signs of ageing. Follow the instructions above to create your hair rinse/face mist and fill a small spray bottle that you can carry around throughout your day.


Thyme Infused Oil


You can make a thyme-infused oil for consumption or as a skin/hair treatment. In a glass, heat-proof, airtight jar, place 2 cups of dried thyme leaves. Heat up 2 cups of cold pressed, virgin olive oil and then pour oil over the thyme leaves. Let the oil completely cool then secure the lid on the jar. Store the jar in a cool, dark place and leave for 2-3 weeks, shaking the jar every so often throughout the 2-3 weeks. Once flavourful, pour the mixture through a strainer and enjoy! Massaging thyme-infused oil into the scalp can help increase blood flow, thereby increasing the delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles, both strengthening the hair follicles and encouraging hair growth.


Herbal Facial Steam


Facial steaming uses water vapour to warm and open up pores,increasing moisture in the skin by allowing water to penetrate. This also helps loosen and soften any buildup of dirt and blackheads for a deep cleanse. Adding good quality herbs to a facial steam can have added benefits. Thyme in particular, is great for acne-prone, oily or dull skin. Alternatively, you can use fennel, calendula or lavender for dry/inflamed/irritated skin.


You don't need a fancy facial steaming machine, all you need is the herbs of your choice, some hot, not boiling, water (you don't want to get burned), a bowl, and a large towel. Fill your bowl with the hot water and herbs, then position your face above the bowl and drape the towel over the top of your head, covering the bowl and try to make sure there aren't any drafts of air able to get in. Now relax and let the steam work wonders.


An added benefit of doing a facial steam is clearing the nasal airways, decongesting and improving breathing - perfect for the winter!


Healing Tea


Thyme is high in antioxidants and has antiviral, antibiotic and antimicrobial properties that boost your immune system. Thyme is a decongestant and an expectorant which means it'll help loosen and expel phlegm and mucus from the respiratory tract and clear up sinuses. It can also improve gut health and it tastes great!


So now you have 5 easy and super helpful uses for Thyme! Store your oils, mist or hair rinse in some fun bottles and they could even make a nice little gift for friends or family!




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